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Radu Stefan Fulga

Cinematographer | VFX Supervisor | Motion Control Operator | Colorist

I was born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1989 but spent much of my very early childhood in Paris, France. 

I became passionate about art, photography, and cinematography at an early age upon returning to Romania, and decided to study further at UNATC, where I majored in cinematography.

Since then, I've worked intensively as Director of Photography and in post-production.

Being interested in science and technology, I've spent my career learning about all the technical particularities that my work goes through, from film or camera sensors to the finished product. 

I felt that there should be no part of the process unknown to me, even if it didn't involve my department.


This path led me to specialize in operating complex motion control systems, taking on the role of VFX supervisor on shoots, and working as a Visual Engineer.


Word of my skills and creative abilities have spread through the years, which got me known as the most technical DOP in Romania.



Significant experience in working with a large range of digital cameras, good experience in working with film negative formats and film cameras.


Extensive post-production knowledge and can act as VFX supervisor on set. Excellent at providing the necessary lighting and filming conditions for a quick and efficient post-production process. Great experience in working in Led Volume as well as the pre and post-production needed for such projects. 


Certified motion control operator for Mark Roberts Motion Control Systems such as MRMC Bolt X, MRMC Bolt & MRMC Modula.


Very adaptable to various types of cinematographic styles, fast and efficient on set.


So far I have worked as DOP on 32 short films, 1 feature film, 1 TV series, over 800 commercial projects, and collaborated with over 130 directors.


Expert user of numerous color grading, VFX, compositing, and 3D rendering software. Can anticipate and offer solutions to possible drawbacks in post-production heavy projects.


Good team leader and team worker, very adaptable to various working conditions and cultural environments. Calm and reserved on set.

Languages spoken: Romanian (native), English (certified speaker), French (conversational), German (basic)



TEL: +40733945579

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